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We Help You Get Medicare Insurance That Meets Your Needs and Budget.

Idaho Medicare Insurance

CMS Required Statement: 

We are licensed with all Idaho Medicare Advantage plans listed on the Medicare Plan Finder tool except ‘x-snp’ Medicaid plans.  

6 of the 7 insurance companies offering Part D plans in Idaho use our services.  Regence Blue Shield of Idaho does not use brokers.    

Additional information on his subject is documented here

Welcome to the Idaho Medicare Insurance Choices website!

Our mission is to help Idaho Medicare beneficiaries in all 44 Counties understand Medicare and the difference between their Medicare health insurance choices. 

This includes Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Medicare Advantage (Part C), and Part D (prescription drug plans). 

We are an Idaho based brokerage firm that specializes in Medicare.  Helping Idaho residents (and people moving to the State) is our marketplace. Residents have benefited from our no-cost services since 2012.

Once we understand a person’s needs and they are comfortable with their understanding of Medicare, we make sure the hospital(s), physicians, and other providers they want access to are included in any plan that is chosen. 

These resources include local, regional, the Mayo Clinics, and other top-rated hospitals in the USA (if they ‘accept Medicare insurance’).  Help with enrollment in the plan you choose is next.  This process means we are not ‘selling’ you a plan.  You are an active participant in selecting the product that fits your needs and retirement budget. 

If you prefer to talk with us in lieu of reading the information below, call us (208-867-0296).  We will answer your questions or setup an appointment when we can talk further.

We prefer face to face meetings (if you are reasonable driving distance from Boise) but can do this over the phone.  Our office hours are 8am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday.  We prefer driving to you so you do not have to fight traffic and find a parking spot. 

More Information about the ICONS below!

If you scroll down this page, you will see over 25 icons.  Each presents details about a different topic on Idaho Medicare insurance. Just click on the icon and read that material.  When finished, hit your browsers ‘back button’ and you return to this page.


If you are new to Medicare and want to learn the basics, click the ‘New to Medicare’ ICON.  

Did you recently move to Idaho?  If yes, click on the ‘New to Idaho‘ icon. 

If you are a Veteran and enrolled in Part B, click on the Idaho Veterans ICON.  

If you enrolled in a Medigap plan before you moved to Idaho OR just want to learn more about this attractive alternative to Medicare Advantage plans, click on the Medigap ICON, then call us.  

Do you have different situation?

Call us; we will explain your options.

What else you need to know

The Idaho Medicare insurance market changes annually.  New Medicare Advantage, Medigap and Prescription Drug plans often show up each year. 

When our customers benefit from of these changes, we let them know.  If they prefer to make a change, we help them get it done.    

If you want help now, call us on 208-867-0296.  We are available Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm.  Click here to check us out before you call. 

What You Need To Know About Idaho Medicare Insurance

Idaho Medigap Plans…a Good Choice for your health Insurance.

How often you should review your Idaho Medicare Insurance.   

Round Out Your Medicare Knowledge

Would you like us to contact you between October 1 and December 1st to discuss new and updated Medicare Advantage plans that will be available on January 1 next year?
Medigap Insurance
Understanding Medicare Advantage Plan/Prescription Drug Plan
Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plan
Dental, Vision, Hearing Plan
Medigap Insurance
Understanding Medicare Advantage Plan/Prescription Drug Plan
Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plan
Dental, Vision, Hearing Plan